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Adrian O. Vega is a trial attorney specializing in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases involving children and adults. Adrian has achieved multimillion dollar results in complex cases involving birth injury, construction/workplace injuries, semi-truck wrecks, product liability, drunk driving related crashes, and medical negligence.


Adrian does not take every case that comes to him. Instead, he focuses his time, skill, energy, and attention on those cases that make a difference in the community and hold wrongdoers, often corporations, accountable. Almost every case Adrian handles contains serious injuries that were avoidable, predictable, and preventable. It is through accountability that Adrian seeks to influence positive change for the people of New Mexico.


At 27, just six months after passing the bar, Adrian tried his first wrongful death case on behalf of a minor. A few months later, Adrian helped obtain a multimillion dollar verdict for the family of a motorcyclist that was killed by a drunk driver. Adrian has proudly served as an Assistant District Attorney where he tried dozens of jury trials prosecuting domestic violence perpetrators and other crimes. This experience shaped Adrian’s compassion for victims of injustice and emboldened his spirit to passionately fight for those who need an advocate to tell their story.

Adrian became a founding partner of Buckingham Barrera Vega Law Firm when he found trial lawyers with a similar passion for justice.


Adrian grew up in Grants, New Mexico at the base of Mt. Taylor. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with degrees in Criminology and Philosophy and attended the University of New Mexico School of Law.



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Adrian O. Vega - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Medical Malpractice - New Mexico

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