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Almost twenty years ago I started my own family law firm. I envisioned a place where individuals going through the de-coupling process could feel empowered through education and understanding. Today, I am proud to say that our funky waterfront offices in Seattle and Bellevue-Redmond are exactly what I had in mind all those years ago. Our firm practices exclusively in family law and estate planning, and I’ve managed to put together an amazing group of people. Most of our lawyers have a background in either finance or human services, and our paralegals are second to none. So, in addition to being smart, strong advocates, our team is financially savvy, warm, compassionate, and most importantly, family focused. Check out everyone’s bios here on the website to see what I mean. We are a group of compassionate, fierce advocates.


As a small business owner myself, I feel a kindred spirit with those who have put their hearts and souls into juggling career and family. When a family breaks up, the transition is overwhelming, not only from an emotional perspective, but financially as well. I pride myself on my ability to help people manage huge life transitions. In fact, prior to becoming an attorney, I was a high-risk labor and delivery nurse at the University of Washington. Over the years I have discovered that the divorce process is not unlike the process of labor and delivery – it’s scary, painful and sometimes a little out of control – but in the end, it’s empowering to look back and see that you made it through.


I find that my background as a small business owner and a former nurse helps me in a couple of interesting ways. My nursing background gives me a unique perspective as to how to support divorcing individuals undertaking the unimaginable stress of the often-unfriendly legal process. And my experience dealing with the day-to-day realities of managing a business gives me insight into the hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs. I particularly enjoy working with small business owners and professionals who need a creative solution for managing the financial aspect of divorce.


Some of the issues facing small business owners include how to value a business, and if the business qualifies as a separate property interest. And then there is the dreaded issue of spousal support. I fully understand the midnight panic attacks experienced by business owners and professionals faced with overwhelming financial concerns as they try to figure out how they will get back on track after their divorce. Here’s one thing I’ve learned from my clients in this regard: you had what it took to build your career or business – you can do it again. You just need some really good support and innovative legal thinking to get you through this process, so you can go back to focusing on what you’re good at and what you love.


In my practice I focus exclusively on family law, handling amicable and complex family law matters. I regularly take particularly challenging cases to trial in King County. My experience as a trial lawyer and as a former Member of the Washington State Association for Justice Board of Governors has provided me with helpful litigation strategy and trial skills.



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Amanda DuBois - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Family Law - Washington

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