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Amanda has served in nearly every role in the Title IX process, including internal investigator at a large, public university, as well as Interim Title IX Coordinator at a small, private college. She regularly counsels the country’s largest educational institutions on complex matters related to harassment and discrimination. She uses her breadth of experience in this area to help colleges and universities navigate sensitive allegations of misconduct amid a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Whether facing a first campus sexual misconduct hearing, an investigation with potential media scrutiny, or a complex allegation of harassment, Amanda is regularly called upon to help institutions in times of crisis. Amanda’s thorough and impartial approach has earned her a national reputation for delivering effective solutions and implementing best practices.


Amanda has served as a third-party, neutral hearing officer, adjudicator, and decision-maker for public and private colleges and universities across the country as they respond to reports of sexual misconduct and civil rights violations. Amanda is well-versed in conducting virtual and in-person Title IX hearings, serving as the sole decision-maker or chairing hearing panels in matters involving alleged misconduct by or against students, faculty, and staff. She helps institutions throughout the hearing process, from assisting with preparations for orderly and efficient proceedings to drafting thorough and reasoned written determinations. Amanda also advises institutions and trains Title IX professionals on conducting impartial sexual misconduct hearings, with an emphasis on implementing best practices and ensuring compliance while also focusing on equity and trauma-informed practices.


Amanda has served as acting and interim Title IX Coordinator for public and private education institutions, filling this critical role during employment transitions or in matters involving internal conflicts of interest. She has assisted institutions with drafting and revising sexual misconduct policies and procedures and communicating these processes to the campus community. Amanda has helped colleges and universities develop and implement compliance and risk management systems and has trained Title IX teams, coaches, student-athletes, and student groups on sexual misconduct policies and prevention. Amanda enjoys working with campus teams facing complex situations to find innovative and effective solutions that are consistent with campus and community values.




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