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Andrea grew up in Laramie, Wyoming.  Her dad grew up on a ranch just over the border in Colorado and her mom was raised in Denver.  Andrea became a star on the debate team at Laramie High and was recruited to join the University of Kansas Debate Team.  During her four years as a member of the University of Kansas team, Andrea traveled across the country, winning numerous awards and qualifying for the National Debate Tournament.  Andrea had natural talent at building cases, and her years of experience on both national qualifying teams took her skills to a whole new level of excellence.  As Andrea was finishing college, her younger brother passed away.  Instead of going back east for law school, she came home to help her parents cope with the loss and attended law school at the University of Wyoming.  Andrea graduated from law school in 1991.  See below for more about her accomplishments and formal credentials.


Andrea enjoys practicing law, especially the intellectual and strategic challenge of putting a client’s case together and telling her client’s story.  Andrea has a true passion for working with clients and getting justice for them.  Andrea puts it this way:  “For me, justice is a powerful feeling and sharing that experience with a deserving client and a jury is one of the best things in life.”


Andrea is a mother of two sons and her favorite thing is spending time with them.  She loves watching her boys play soccer and hockey.  Andrea is also a writer and loves writing screenplays.  She also enjoys hiking, running, movies, art and architecture.



Contact info:

(307) 732-6680



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Andrea Richard - America's Top 50 Lawyer- Civil Rights - Wyoming

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