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Anita Clark is a dedicated, experienced and very knowledgeable mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis attorney who believes each client she represents and their families are special and should be treated with the utmost care, respect and individual attention. Their plight is particularly compelling, not just because of the terrible price each victim pays, but because the companies that peddled asbestos containing products knew of the dangers of asbestos exposure and said nothing to those using its products.  Now, many years later when symptoms of the asbestos related illness start to appear and become life threatening, those companies are nowhere to be found.  Many companies selling the asbestos poison have sought federal protection by filing for bankruptcy and reorganization, while others have just dissolved. Many of America’s finest who have served our country in the various military branches have been exposed to these asbestos products as well. Though the United States Government cannot be pursued, veterans do have the right to file for compensation with The United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  Anita Clark has assisted many veterans in seeking assistance from the VA.


For over 25 years, she has made it her livelihood, her mission, as a lawyer, to help asbestos victims and their families get compensation for their injuries.  However, starting her career as a nurse, some 40 years ago, she never stopped being a nurse. She understands what they are going through medically and emotionally and she does her very best to help them as a trusted legal advisor and friend. She works in keeping abreast of the latest developments in asbestos research and treatment options and any changes in the law. 



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