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Originally from Armenia, Arsen is an immigrant himself. He first came to America at age 17 and had to overcome his own share of immigration challenges. Today, more than 25 later, that experience as an immigrant serves him in his practice as an immigration lawyer and allows him to truly connect with his clients.


Arsen received his early education in the 90's in what was then still the Soviet Union. He earned his bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2004 and his Juris Doctor degree from the City University of New York School of Law in 2008. 


As immigration lawyer in Las Vegas for over 13 years, Arsen is helping individuals and families from Las Vegas and all other U.S. cities and states with various cases processed at the USCIS, NVC, DOS and other government agencies. He practices exclusively immigration law, and even then handles only select types of immigration cases (see Practice Areas) to ensure that he advocates for his clients' specific interests with the highest degree of focus, knowledge and skill. 


Arsen is fluent in Russian and Armenian. 



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Arsen V. Baziyants - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Immigration Law - Nevada

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