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Mr. Hulsey has practiced Patent and Trademark Law for 35 years and serves a regional market covering the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. He has prosecuted well over 2,000 patents and more thousands of trademarks for this region’s most aspiring and amazing inventors, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who are dedicated to making the world a better place. He is committed to manifesting a perpetual virtuous cycle of innovation and entrepreneurial growth spurring intellectual property growth, which in turn encourages fair, reasonable, collaborative commercialization and spurs more innovation and entrepreneurial growth.


International. Outside the U.S., HULSEY PC’s clients have ranged in geographic diversity from Norway to New Zealand and from Siberia to Singapore. Through his legal work, as well as with teaching through the University of Texas’s IC2 Institute, Mr. Hulsey has provided hundreds of hours of lectures and education in intellectual property rights formation, protection, and commercialization in over 45 countries and on all continents except Antarctica.


Relevant Certifications. Today, Bill is pursuing certifications as a Certified Economic Developer through the International Economic Development Council; a Certified Business Economist through the National Association of Business Economists; Certified Licensing Professional through the Licensing Executive Society; and Professional Engineer in Nuclear Engineering through the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Registration. He sees these skills, endorsements, and connections as a proactive service to our firm’s clients.


Community.  Within the community, Bill is a Member of the Grammy-Award winning chorus ensemble of the Conspirare Symphonic Chorus and has sung over 20 major choral performances with the Austin Symphony Orchestra, including international performances and as part of the choral group for Austin’s 2015 Andrea Bocelli Concert. Volunteer mentor and sponsor for the Student Entrepreneur competition at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of  Business….. Moreover, he is devoted to the concept of “Service Above Self” and currently serves as President of the Austin Westlake Rotary Chapter, as that group fulfills the mission of Rotary International.


  • B.S. (with Distinction) in Theoretical Mathematics and Computer Science from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.


  • M.A. in Economics, including Econometrics and Mathematical Economic Analysis, as well as Entrepreneurial Economics and Regional Economic Analysis and Local Economy Development, from The University of Virginia.


  • M.S. (equivalent) through U.S. Navy Nuclear Training at the A1W Nuclear Power Prototype at Idaho National Laboratories and U.S. Navy Submarine-Trained Lieutenant Commander in Nuclear Reactor Plant Operation and Ship Propulsion: specially selected to part of the Pre-Commissioning and Sea Trials Crew of USS Jacksonville (SSN699), under Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, founder of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Force.


  • GS-13 Senior Civil Service Designation as a Top-Secret-Cleared Physical Scientist and Electronics Engineer for The U.S. Department of The Army’ Electronics Research and Development Command and Foreign Science & Technology Center.  
  • J.D. in Law from Vanderbilt University, including Business Formation and Commercial Law, Patent and Trademark Law, and Entrepreneurial legal Issues.



Contact info:

(512) 478-9190



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Bill Hulsey - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Patent Law - Arkansas

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