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Always curious about people and what makes them tick, Bruce Baker finds building relationships to be second nature. “I’ve always been interested in business, but it’s the people behind the businesses that intrigue me,” he says. “I’m curious to know how they got to where they are, their success stories, their struggles.”


Bruce’s genuine interest in connecting with clients and learning about their businesses spans more than three decades with Nyemaster. Before joining the firm, Bruce was a trial attorney with the Office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service. “In the government job, I was exposed to a lot early on that I wouldn’t have been in a private practice,” he says. “That experience certainly helped solidify my interest in tax dispute litigation.”


A certified public accountant as well as an attorney, Bruce's practice consists primarily of tax dispute resolution and estate planning. His tax work encompasses all kinds of disputes against the Iowa Department of Revenue, the Internal Revenue Service, corporations, and local taxing authorities. Common disputes involve income, estate, sales and use, and property tax matters. In this niche tax area, Bruce is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney with a long list of major corporate clients nationwide.


In estate planning, Bruce works with business owners and individuals on business planning, employee benefits, wealth transfer, trusts, estate matters and liquidations, succession planning, and charitable giving. A smaller area of emphasis for Bruce is transactional tax planning, often referred to as like-kind or Section 1031 exchanges, that help minimize taxes for real estate transactions. Bruce also handles nonprofit formation and sophisticated tax-related work. Another rewarding part of his practice is serving as diocesan attorney.


Results-oriented, objective, straightforward, and a strong problem solver, Bruce appreciates the intricacies of his practice. “Working your way through tax code is an interesting exercise in problem-solving,” he says. “It’s satisfying to apply what I know to the real-world problems of my business owner and entrepreneur clients.”




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Bruce Baker - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Tax Law - Iowa

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