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Bruce Sunstein’s strategic approach to intellectual property has enabled a wide range of enterprises to achieve dominant patent positions in their markets. Patents issuing on applications that Bruce has handled have been enforced for 8- and 9-figure infringement recoveries. He is a patent & IP strategist for market leaders and startups in diverse industries including computer hardware and software, electronic circuits and systems, communications and speech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals bioinformatics, and mechanical devices. He is also an experienced expert witness, and arbitrator, in intellectual property disputes.


  • Broad focus on both intellectual property and business representation of enterprises that have a substantial component of intellectual property.
  • Provides strategic advice for development and enforcement of intellectual property rights and for the structure and implementation of technology-based business transactions.
  • Experience as expert witness, and as arbitrator, in intellectual property disputes.
  • Obtained patents in a wide range of matters including neuromedical measurement devices, arthroscopic surgical instruments, ultrasonic bone densitometers, infusion pumps, PCR-based gene expression assays and indices, polysaccharide-based compositions and methods, combination drugs, devices for analysis of single-bit polymorphisms, speech recognition and coding systems, data compression software, graphic accelerators, computer-based statistical representation systems and methods, microprocessor-controlled transportation systems, high-performance document scanners, x-ray cargo inspection systems, radio range detection systems, athletic shoes, interactive television systems, electric motors, fuel nozzles, advanced ceramic compositions and methods, computer-implemented and web-based business methods, financial trading systems, and magnetic recording systems.
  • Representation in inter partes review proceedings, ex parte reexaminations, and patent appeals to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and to the Federal Circuit.



Contact Info:

617-443-9292, ext 211



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Bruce D. Sunstein - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Intellectual Property

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