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Bruce Plaxen has been on the Board of Governors for the Maryland Association for Justice (formerly the Maryland Trial Lawyers Association) since 1993 and has chaired almost every committee and held every office, including President of MAJ (2001-2002). He is the former Chairman of the Maryland Association for Justice Political Action Committee (2001-16, and 2018-2021), and during that time worked closely with their lobbyist and legislative committee in Annapolis to insure that the rights of victims are protected. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer for the Maryland Association for Justice.


Bruce Plaxen is the only two-time winner of the President's Award, presented by the Maryland Association for Justice for exemplary leadership, vision, and unwavering commitment. Plaxen was specifically recognized for his actions to strengthen our ability to protect our clients, address civil justice and consumer issues in the legislature, and prevent the erosion of injured people's rights. He received this award in both 2007 and 2010.


Bruce Plaxen was honored as the 2009 Maryland Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Maryland Association for Justice. Plaxen was presented with the award for years of work on behalf of HMO plan members in Maryland. Mr. Plaxen and his team of lawyers were able to recover millions of dollars that had been wrongfully taken from their clients by the HMOs and secured two precedent-setting decisions in the process, including a decision from Maryland’s highest court limiting the power of the General Assembly to enact retroactive laws.



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Bruce Plaxen - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Personal Injury - Maryland

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