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Carrie Hughes was born and raised in Portland Oregon. She graduated from the J. Rueben Clark Law School in 1998. Carrie has been married to her husband, Allen Hughes for almost 15 years. They have 8 children and 15 grandchildren. Carrie enjoys music, learning languages and reading. She loves martial arts and enjoys teaching it to children. Carrie wants to learn to surf. Freedom and leadership are areas she loves. Finance is also a passion that she follows.


Community service is a big part of Carrie’s life. She volunteers with her church and is also one of the founders of Art City Music Fest. Carrie has been a state and a county delegate and had also been involved with the Chamber of Commerce.


Based in Orem Utah, Carrie’s professional experience includes estate planning, business formation, bankruptcy, family law, civil litigation and experience as a lobbyist. She has a passion to protect and enable families to take control of their future and accomplish their dreams. She loves to strategize and think outside the box to accomplish that goal. Carrie takes a holistic approach to practicing law. The best solutions to problems or challenges are often found through a multidisciplinary approach. She says “My life and business experience bring depth to my legal understanding and skill, allowing me to create unique, efficient and effective solutions for my client’s challenges.”



Contact info:

801 -477 -1570



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Carrie Hughes - America's Top 50 Lawyers - Estate Planning - Utah

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