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Christa Westerberg is a Partner with the firm’s Litigation Practice Group. 

While experienced in a variety of civil litigation, Christa concentrates her practice in environmental and land use law, as well as open government law. She has represented individuals, non-profit groups, businesses, municipalities, and others in their efforts to protect environmental resources. Christa has obtained judgments and settlements for her clients in venues ranging from administrative agencies to federal court, and she has handled numerous appellate cases on a range of issues.


Christa also uses her expertise in regulatory and zoning matters to help homeowners and renewable energy developers navigate rules for solar and wind projects, and to obtain permits and approvals where needed.

Christa’s work on open government issues on behalf of media, individuals, and others has resulted in published court decisions protecting the public’s right to know. Lueders v. Krug, 2019 WI App 36; Juneau County Star-Times v. Juneau County, 2013 WI 4; State ex rel. Citizens for Open Government v. City of Milton, 2007 WI App 114; One Wis. Now v. Kremer, 354 F. Supp. 3d 940 (W.D.Wis. 2019). Christa has also represented clients experiencing violations of their civil rights in public accommodation and free speech contexts.


Christa frequently presents on environmental and open government issues. She is co-Vice President of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, and a board member of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Administrative and Local Government Section.



Contact info:

(608) 807-0752



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Christa O. Westerberg - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Environmental Law - Wisconsin

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