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New Jersey medical malpractice lawyer, Daryl L. Zaslow, is a principal with the law firm of Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow, LLP and is Certified by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. Mr. Zaslow’s zealous advocacy and transcendent preparation have been instrumental in achieving significant awards for his clients by way of trial verdicts and settlements. He concentrates his practice in various areas of medical malpractice, including obstetrical malpractice, failures in prenatal diagnosis of birth defects and failures in diagnosing cancer cases. He also represents victims in wrongful death and significant personal injury cases.


In 2020 and 2022, Mr. Zaslow was recognized by Best Lawyers in America as its “Lawyer of the Year” in Medical Malpractice – Plaintiffs, in New Jersey. Read the article featuring Mr. Zaslow. In 2021, Mr. Zaslow was recognized by The New Jersey Law Journal in its “NJ Law 2021 Edition” as having obtained 2 of the top 4 Personal Injury recoveries in New Jersey in 2021. Mr. Zaslow was the only attorney in New Jersey who had more than one of the Top 10 recoveries in 2021. These recoveries included the largest recovery in a medical malpractice case ($7.0 Million award – tied with another case) and the largest recovery in a case involving a trucking accident or motor vehicle accident ($6.85 Million award). In 2020, Mr. Zaslow was recognized by The New Jersey Law Journal and as having obtained four of the Top 10 reported settlements in New Jersey in 2019. The recognition and recoveries included the largest recovery in a Medical Malpractice case ($6.5 Million); Two of the Top Three largest recoveries in Medical Malpractice cases ($6.5 Million and $5.0 Million);  and the largest recovery in a case that did not involve a class action ($6.5 Million). Mr. Zaslow also had five of the Top 20 recoveries included in this list, and was the only attorney who had more than two of the Top 20 recoveries in 2019.


Mr. Zaslow’s accomplishments include a landmark verdict on behalf of a child who sustained a birth injury to her brachial plexus. The verdict in excess of $5.5 million is one of the largest ever obtained in an Erb’s Palsy or shoulder dystocia case. A large part of Mr. Zaslow’s practice is devoted to representing children who have sustained brachial plexus injuries at birth as a result of medical malpractice and Mr. Zaslow has given national lectures on the legal and medical issues unique to these types of shoulder dystocia or Erb’s Palsy cases.


Daryl Zaslow is a lifelong resident of Monmouth County, and resides with his family in Holmdel. A former varsity catcher, point guard and quarterback, Mr. Zaslow attended The College of William & Mary on a baseball scholarship, where he was a catcher and captain on the baseball team and where he became a District Academic All-American. When he is not in the office or court, he enjoys fishing, boating and spending time with his family.



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Daryl L. Zaslow - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Medical Malpractice - New Jersey

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