David E. Lewis is a licensed criminal defense attorney with more than 25 years of experience practicing criminal law. His journey in law started in 1987 when he graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Political Science, and from there, entered Indiana University Law School. While attending law school, David E. Lewis worked as a bailiff for Superior Court Three in Marion County, but also worked for the Marion County Public Defender’s Office. After graduating law school in 1990, he worked as a Master Commissioner for the Marion County Courts. As a Master Commissioner Mr. Lewis presided over strictly criminal cases.

His years of hands-on experience and his extensive knowledge of all sides of the law makes him a strong and dependable criminal defense lawyer today. His practice has always included criminal law because he has a sincere passion to help those in crisis. As a Member of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association and Indianapolis Law Club, you can rest assure knowing your future and freedom are in capable and caring hands. 



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