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Litigator David Patrón handles disputes at the leading edge of commercial, intellectual property (IP), employment and antitrust issues. Whether at trial, in arbitration or on appeal, David focuses on real-world solutions that protect his clients’ competitive posture.


As head of the firm’s litigation practice, David represents some of the biggest names in technology, oil and gas, entertainment and other industries. Over 25+ years of practice, he has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity at all levels of state and federal courts. Whether defending a breach of contract or prosecuting a breach of fiduciary duty, David focuses on finding real-world business solutions for clients. His commercial litigation experience spans the business life cycle, from international joint ventures and contracts to corporate dissolutions.


David defends and prosecutes complex antitrust and trade regulation cases in trial and appellate fora, including ancillary claims such as unfair trade, false advertising and restraints of trade under federal and state laws. At Stanford Law School, he studied antitrust and trade regulation under the former United States Attorney General of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice. Since then, he has defended clients in federal antitrust investigations, designed an antitrust compliance manual for businesses and counseled trade associations and practice groups on information sharing, price-fixing and state-action immunity.



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David L. Patrón - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Antitrust - Louisiana

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