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Boston cannabis lawyer, David Leavitt, has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts for more than 20 years. As an advocate for cannabis reform, he believes all voices should be heard. A graduate of Clark University’s Regulatory Affairs for Cannabis Control Master’s certificate program, Leavitt has dialed into the social equity applicant process for Massachusetts cannabis delivery licensing.

David is an accomplished, reliable administrative professional. He proactively and creatively manages broad ranging functions, needs of the organization, and serves as a collaborative cross-functional business partner while remaining consistent with company policies, procedures and philosophies.


David has broad experience contributing to the strength and stability of  companies in the industry, his strengths include analyzing results and making recommendations concerning strategy. He is a persuasive communicator which helps him build long-term relationships to ensure optimal performance, meeting organizational objectives and results.



Contact Info:

  • 617-237-0299



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David Leavitt - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Cannabis Law - Massachusetts

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