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Derek W. Kaczmarek is partner and co-founder of Kaczmarek & Jojola, a tax litigation firm. His practice includes tax litigation, tax audits, and tax collection. As a tax controversy attorney, he represents individuals, businesses, trusts and estates against the I.R.S. and state/local taxing authorities.


The firm currently represents clients in 35+ states and numerous foreign countries.

The Tax Section of the State Bar of Arizona elected Mr. Kaczmarek as the chair in 2018. The State Bar of Arizona’s Board of Legal Specialization also recognizes Mr. Kaczmarek as a certified tax law specialist. Mr. Kaczmarek also serves on the State Bar’s Board of Legal Certification.


Mr. Kaczmarek began his tax controversy career as a trial attorney with the I.R.S. in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005. He ended his government service in 2012 as a senior trial attorney with the I.R.S. in Phoenix, Arizona. During that time, he represented the I.R.S. in hundreds of cases before the United States Tax Court. He served as lead counsel in more than forty U.S. Tax Court trials. He also advised I.R.S. revenue agents and revenue officers in issues ranging from development of criminal cases, seizure of property (including personal residences), conducting a tax fraud audit, innocent spouse cases and international tax issues.


Mr. Kaczmarek discretely and aggressively represents his clients, effectively using his experience as a former government attorney as well as his understanding of IRS and U.S. Tax Court practices and procedures.



Contact info:

Phone: (602) 899-6200




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Derek W. Kaczmarek - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Tax Law - Arizona

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