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Elisabeth M. W. Trefonas, graduated from California Western School of Law and moved from San Diego, California, to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in May 2005. Shortly thereafter, she opened her private practice determined to provide exceptional legal services and access to the justice system for every member of her community.


Originally, as one of only three attorneys with expertise in immigration law in the entire state of Wyoming, and the only immigration attorney on the western side of the state, Ms. Trefonas' client base expanded rapidly. Additionally, because Ms. Trefonas was the only Spanish/English speaking attorney in the region (until others joined her firm), her practice provided and continues to provide access to the legal system for a severely under-represented segment of the population. In fact, the Spanish-speaking community makes up almost 15% of the population in Wyoming and an estimated 30% of the population in Jackson Hole.


To keep up with her growing clientele, Ms. Trefonas opened Trefonas Law, P.C., which offers a wide array of legal services in June 2006. The office continues to grow and expand, assisting clients with deportation defense, affirmative benefits applications, and representation in civil and criminal matters.


From 2010 to July 2013, Ms. Trefonas was a contracted Assistant Public Defender, appearing in Teton and Sublette County District and Circuit Courts, and a contracted Assistant Appellate Public Defender, appearing before the Wyoming Supreme Court over a dozen times, in collaboration with the Wyoming Public Defenders Office.


As of July 2013, she was promoted to the position of Supervising Assistant Public Defender in Teton and Sublette Counties, and is the only full-time Public Defender in that area. Recently a local, prominent judge asked her, "Why would an attorney from Jackson Hole with a thriving private practice also want to be a Public Defender?" To which she replied, "Because I enjoy defense work and every person, irrespective of their economic status, should have the best attorney."


She is admitted to the Wyoming and California State Bars and all Federal Courts.


Ms. Trefonas was featured in the article "Lady Justice, How one woman is waging the battle for Jackson's Voiceless," November 8, 2016.



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(307) 203-9019



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Elisabeth M. W. Trefonas - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Immigration Law - Wyoming

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