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Elliott H. Stone is the founder and owner of the firm. His practice focuses on business, construction, employment, and real estate litigation, arbitration and mediation. Mr. Stone has extensive experience representing large and small business owners, construction companies, employers and property owners in resolving complex multi-party disputes.


Mr. Stone has successfully taken numerous cases to trial over his career and freely admits to his clients that litigation is the worst way to resolve a dispute, but sometimes it may be the only option available. As such, Mr. Stone is a strong advocate of alternative dispute resolution and is a Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution – Pepperdine School trained mediator. Mr. Stone finds his mediation training invaluable in representing clients in mediation as well in Mr. Stone’s mediation practice.


Mr. Stone represents businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 100 companies to the mom-and-pops. His clients include general contractors, architects, attorneys, developers, property owners, roofing companies, plumbing contractors, solar contractors, HVAC contractors, security companies, restaurants, bakeries, healthcare providers, transportation companies and real estate companies.

Outside of the office, Mr. Stone enjoys flying airplanes, restoring his late father, and former law partner’s Mercedes convertible and raising his four children, but not always in that order.



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Elliott H. Stone - America's Top 50 Lawyers - Business Law - California

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