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Proudly serving debtors throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, bankruptcy lawyer Gail Marr has more than 20 years of experience helping clients get financial relief from overwhelming debt. Ms. Marr handles all types of personal bankruptcy cases on behalf of debtors in both states, including Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is the most commonly filed type of bankruptcy in the U.S., in addition to Chapter 13 bankruptcy and various bankruptcy alternatives.Ms. Marr is well-versed in all aspects of consumer bankruptcy, and uses her knowledge to make the filing process easier and more productive for debtors. From choosing the right type of bankruptcy, to protecting property from creditors and debt collectors, to preparing and filing the necessary legal documentation, bankruptcy attorney Gail Marr simplifies each stage of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.With a professional history that spans more than 1,000 bankruptcy cases filed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Ms. Marr possesses the nuanced understanding of state and federal bankruptcy laws that are needed to erase debt successfully. Whether a debtor is struggling with business debt, medical debt, credit card debt, or other sources of debt, Ms. Marr has the tools and experience to help clients start fresh and turn a new financial page.



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Gail N. Marr - Pennsylvania's Top 50 Lawyer - Forclosure & Bankruptcy Law

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