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Jack Cooper specializes in antitrust and employment law at Dunn Carney. In his antitrust practice, he routinely counsels clients to ensure compliance with rapidly evolving standards, including pricing and distribution policies. He also is regularly involved in litigation, including several cases that have gone to the United States Supreme Court addressing group boycotts and monopolization. For many years Jack has worked closely with the credit industry on antitrust issues, and regularly attends meetings of national industry credit groups.

Jack has worked closely with clients on employment-related issues throughout his career, a period in which employers have experienced revolutionary increases in workplace complexities and resulting potential liabilities. He is regularly involved in addressing and resolving a wide range of issues, including those involving disability, age, race, sex, harassment/hostile work environment, and other statutory employment discrimination claims, together with wage and hour compliance, and drug/alcohol testing.


Jack also assists in the structuring and implementation of troublesome employment separations, particularly at high executive levels. He has specialized expertise in the drafting and enforcement of non-competition and trade secrets restrictions in employment settings.

Jack recognizes that workable employment policies and solutions vary widely from one workplace to another. To implement and maintain individualized programs that are practical and workable, Jack takes the time to get to know each of his clients and their workforces.  Through this process, he has become an integral part of many HR departments and management teams.


Jack has been with Dunn Carney his entire legal career, joining the firm in 1972. For many years, he served as a practice group leader for the Firm and as a member of its Executive Committee.

When not in the office, Jack tries his best not to be a lawyer. He and his wife enjoy spending time on the Oregon Coast and visiting grandchildren. He is also an avid baseball fan and an even more avid (if not irrational) supporter of Duke basketball.



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George J. "Jack" Cooper - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Antitrust - Oregon

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