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Hey! I am Goz Odediran (O-day-dee-ran). I am an education rights attorney serving the needs of K-12 students, College Students, Teachers and College Professors.

I defend the rights of students to be educated. I firmly believe that any child can learn when given the right and appropriate education.


It is also my privilege to defend the rights of college and post-college students. For these students, education is the most valuable thing to them and I strive to provide legal service carefully tailored to match the level of commitment that the student has to their education.

Finally, I serve the community of educators K-12 to college who are at the forefront of educating the youth of today. I work with educators to ensure that their constitutional and property rights to employment are not revoked through arbitrary processes.



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Goz Odediran - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Education Law - Texas

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