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In environmental law, in exceptionally challenging cases, an ordinary approach is just not enough. Gregory A. Cade, has made this clear when he developed his personal vision of "Know your case". This is his leading principle that successfully combines all the necessary traits in order to solve complex legal issues.


Having a solid science background is also a notable difference in his unique approach. Greg is using his Industrial Hygiene degree in handling injuries resulting from exposure to toxic substances, including carcinogenic agents, pesticides, or/and pharmaceutical products such as Zantac and Uloric.


Representing thousands of individual and community claims all over the Southeast for 20 years, Greg is always driven to help injured people, be it in an occupational setting or in an environmental setting, in a mass setting, or a class action setting.


None of these would be possible without taking things personally, something that not every lawyer has the dedication to do. He has instilled in his entire firm a strong motivation to establish real connections with every client.


Detailed knowledge, time consumption, and financial risk may be enough reasons for most law firms to avoid environmental cases. For Greg, this is not the case. Patience, loyalty, and knowledge make Greg a powerful ally on the side of environmental victims.



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Gregory A. Cade - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Environmental Law - Alabama

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