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Greg Care advocates for his clients in a diverse array of civil litigation and appeals, including a variety of employment matters, academic discipline disputes, and cases to vindicate the rights of persons with disabilities to pursue independent lives. In every case, Greg tailors his approach to each client’s particular situation and goals to achieve the best possible result in the given circumstances – there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to the unique factors in each case.


The protection of employees’ and students’ rights is a priority for Greg. For years, he has dedicated a substantial part of his practice to representing resident physicians and fellows facing discipline during their training, problem-solving on concerns about compliance with ACGME requirements, and advocating for those accused of running afoul of NRMP rules. Greg knows graduate medical education and academic medicine, as well as the difficulties that can arise and their solutions. He uses that understanding to ensure that his clients’ careers continue to grow.


Greg is also experienced at guiding professors and other academicians through investigations and discipline, promotion and tenure disputes, and other workplace troubles. Likewise, Greg has been there to help many students in higher education when their academic and professional futures are at risk.



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Gregory Care - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Disability Law - Maryland

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