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When I first decided I wanted a legal career, I knew that it would be in defending people accused of crimes. Growing up I witnessed so many injustices. People that were wrongly accused and people that although they had broken the law, the punishment they were facing seemed so severe in accordance to the crime. Defending the accused was where my talent would be. I knew this in my heart and soul.


After law school, I started practicing and slowly developed a team of like-minded professionals to work with and give my client’s the best options available in defending themselves. Experts in all fields; gang experts, private defense investigators, forensic psychologists, hand-writing experts, ID experts and so many others. I have teamed up with the best in the business.


In my years of practicing I have created a great reputation for myself with not only my peers, but with Judges and Deputy District Attorneys alike. I am, by nature and design, a trial attorney, however, there are times when a plea agreement may be better for my client. Because of my good rapport with the Judges and Deputy DA’s, I have the ability to make them see the person behind the charge. Sometimes this in itself will help in the State agreeing to a lesser sentence.


In trial, I am always ready. I am well versed on the case and have prepared for all possibilities. Our witnesses are ready and willing to testify. It is a great feeling and honor to be able to stand before a jury and make them see my client as one of their peers. I take it very seriously when I am representing my client.


You may wonder what type of cases I handle? Well, I handle all criminal cases from simple assault or drug charges all the way to high profile murder cases. They all receive the same dedicated, passionate defense regardless of the severity of the case. I treat all cases the same as I know that no matter how “small” the case may seem, to my client, it is their life! I fight for my clients with all that I have.


I think what distinguishes me from other criminal defense attorneys is that I am available to my clients. I try to stay on top of contacting my clients to let them know what we are doing on their cases. I know that this is the number one priority in their lives; I know that this is a scary time. I do all that I can to make sure you are informed. I won’t make you promises that I cannot keep. I am always honest and believe that my clients need to know what they are facing and what my experience tells me their chances are. I don’t play games and make you think I can do the impossible. I am a straight shooter.

I have represented people that are innocent of the crime they have been accused of as well as the guilty. All people deserve the best defense possible regardless of the charges.



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