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I have been practicing media and entertainment law as well as intellectual property law since 1976. While the majority of my work is in the music business, I also represent clients in film, television, radio and book publishing locally, nationally and internationally. I am knowledgeable in drafting and negotiating contracts and I also assist clients in dispute resolution, whether it is through negotiating resolutions, mediating the dispute, and arbitrating or litigating when necessary. I am also appointed by judges and hired by clients to act as an expert witness, mediator or arbitrator in music related cases.


I aggressively represent my clients in negotiations and in disputes, but I am also known in the entertainment community for being knowledgeable and reasonable which assists my clients in reaching resolutions that are a win-win. Disputes are typically contract disputes or copyright infringement matters.



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(248) 694-8697 




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Howard Hertz - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Entertainment Law - Michigan

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