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Jack Epps devotes his law practice to helping clients succeed in their real estate and business ventures in Kansas City and across the U.S. With over 25 years of experience in business and real estate transactions, Mr. Epps is known for bringing valuable and creative yet practical solutions to the table for his clients, and as a former college and professional athlete, he brings a relentless commitment to excellence and hard work – which typically translates into success for his clients. Mr. Epps leads the firm’s Kansas City area Real Estate Investment, Development, and Transactions practice and provides ongoing counsel to businesses of all sizes.


Mr. Epps draws upon his extensive practical and legal business and real estate experience to represent (a) retailers, (b) hotels, (c) real estate developers and (d) various real estate investors across the U.S. by providing numerous real estate & business legal services, including: (1) assistance in identification of appropriate sites/locations, (2) acquisition of properties, (3) structure of joint ventures on behalf of developer/promoter and/or money investors, (4) obtaining funding via private equity and debt financing, (5) obtaining development entitlements, including zoning, plan approvals and incentives, (6) development and construction of projects, (7) leasing and sales, and (8) ongoing general counsel.

Mr. Epps provides business counsel in the areas of planning, structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing all types of business deals, relationships and arrangements. He serves as a trusted “outside business counsel” to a variety of businesses large and small. Mr. Epps is frequently called on to represent clients in mergers and acquisitions through the acquisition or sale of existing businesses and/or assets.



Contact info:

T: 913.253.2159



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Jack Epps - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Real Estate Law - Kansas

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