Jason’s practice in media and entertainment law sees him representing large publicly held media and marketing services companies, reality television show participants, authors, and musicians. Being located in Iowa has worked to his advantage in garnering clients and dealing with his counterparts whether in New York or Hollywood.


In his corporate business practice, Jason works on mergers and acquisitions, general corporate and commercial law, including business structure and planning, contracting and securities law, as well as intellectual property licensing, data privacy and security and e-commerce—all with the intent of serving the best interests of his clients, whether emerging start-ups, publicly held companies, or somewhere in between. His work involves industries as varied as public media, renewable energy, biotech, health care, construction, and insurance.


From initial start up through growth and acquisition to succession planning and exit strategy—whether in good or bad times—Jason regularly assists clients in every aspect of business. This includes determining the correct organizational structure; raising or investing funds; negotiating contracts, leases, or other agreements; reorganization and workout options; and mergers and acquisitions. The ultimate goal is helping the client maximize opportunities.


The MBA he earned during law school and while clerking for a federal judge shows Jason has always been intrigued by the world of business and its intersection with the law. “My interest has always been more on the transactional side—making deals happen, watching deals happen, helping business people who want to make something happen figure it out and work it out,” he says.


The best part of the job for Jason is helping his clients realize their vision. “They have a good idea, either individually or with a group of individuals, and they want to make something happen,” he says. “I really enjoy the opportunity of helping somebody accomplish their goals and their desires.”


And while some lawyers may find complicated cases a challenge, Jason enjoys the intellectual stimulation of his practice. “I’m constantly thinking and learning and trying to figure things out, see how the puzzle pieces fit or put the puzzle together in a way that makes the most sense for everyone,” he says.


In the community, Jason serves on several boards and committees for professional, trade industry, community, and religious organizations. He is passionate about his participation with public television, disaster recovery services, renewable fuels, leadership programs, youth sports, and scouting activities. “I value what my community provides to my family and others and feel that I have an opportunity to give back,” he says. He enjoys spending time with his wife and seven children, coaching athletic teams, and being active in his church.


Jason also served a full-time two-year mission to Ecuador as a young man and in 2012 spent two weeks in Ukraine as a teaching professional.



Contact info:

  • jlgiles@nyemaster.com
  • 515-283-8189



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