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Jason Setchen is an attorney based in Miami, Florida that has worked with athletes at all levels. 


Part of Jason’s practice is advocating for student-athletes in high school and college administrative proceedings. Jason has handled many high-profile cases on behalf of athletes concerning disputes including colleges and universities, the NCAA and the FHSAA.


Jason has advised and advocated for student-athletes in an array of matters including team suspension and dismissal, administrative appeals, drug testing appeals, transfer disputes, scholarship reduction, and withdrawals, and a compendium of other issues. Jason is also experienced and well versed in NCAA waiver cases involving student-athlete eligibility. To learn more about Jason’s work with student-athletes and the NCAA, click here.


In the family law context, Jason has served clients for over 20 years. Jason has worked on countless matters involving high profile athletes and entertainers. Over the years, Jason has been counsel on several highly publicized family law cases involving well-known celebrities and professional athletes.



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Jason Setchen - America's Top 50 Sports Lawyer - Florida

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