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As a registered patent attorney, Mr. Smith regularly advises clients concerning the protection and management of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secret rights. As part of his comprehensive approach to assisting clients manage intellectual property, he develops strategies for maximizing financial gains through contracts, licenses, and litigation.

His practice encompasses all fields of biotechnology, including the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and diagnostic industries. He has experience in conducting novelty and patentability searches for new pharmaceutical compounds, diagnostic assays, biomarkers, cell lines, and various other biotechnology-related inventions, as well as preparing infringement and freedom-to-operate opinions.


He has also prepared, filed, and prosecuted patent applications worldwide for inventions in a wide range of technical disciplines, such as software, weather radar, and medical devices.

Mr. Smith as assisted inventors in obtaining patents for such biotechnical and biomedical devices or methods as—

  • A total disc replacement system and related methods.
  • Intramedullary implants for replacing lost bone.
  • Intervertebral implants.
  • Expandable spinal fusion implants and related methods.
  • Spinal fusion implants and related methods.
  • Maintenance feature in magnetic implant.
  • Vertebral body replacement and insertion methods.
  • Spinal stabilization system and methods of use.
  • Interspinous process device and method.
  • Favored angle screw.
  • Resorbable hollow devices for implantation and delivery of therapeutic agents.
  • Devices and methods for detection of slippage of magnetic coupling in implantable medical devices.
  • Method and apparatus for computerized surgery.
  • Surgical fixation system and related methods.


Mr. Smith has assisted inventors in obtaining patents for such electromechanical devices or methods as a—

  • Gaming device with a secure interface.
  • Method for generating alternative gaming device outputs.
  • Method and apparatus for measuring perimeter of swimming pools.
  • Wearable movement alert system.
  • Photo-optic comparative geolocation system.
  • Method for generating alternative gaming device outputs.
  • Printing and dispensing system for an electronic gaming device that provides an undisplayed outcome.
  • System using layered software application for facilitating delivery services.


Mr. Smith has assisted clients in obtaining patents for such chemical inventions or methods as a—

  • Refrigerant composition and its preparation method.
  • Electrically conductive ink and its uses.
  • Black polyimides and method for synthesis.
  • Protective film.
  • Polymer seaming using diffusion welds.


Mr. Smith has assisted inventors in receiving patents for such devices as a—

  • Bed rail assembly.
  • Medical headlamp.
  • Quilting tool.
  • Boot jack.
  • Trailer-hitch coupler.
  • Firearm stabilization apparatus.
  • Sunglass testing station.
  • Undergarment hanger.
  • Game shears.
  • Athletic protection device.


Mr. Smith regularly prosecutes trademark applications and has participated in several trademark cancellation and opposition proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). He has also been actively involved in intellectual property litigation, including defending claims of patent and trademark infringement.


In the area of entertainment law, Mr. Smith regularly advises clients about copyright issues and files copyright applications on behalf of authors, playwrights, musicians, and other artists and performers.



Contact info:

  •  256-535-1100



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