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Jesse’s clients range from early-stage tech startups iterating in the founder’s garage to mature companies with scores of employees.As the founder of Fourscore Law, he guides his business clients through formation, financing, scaling and exit, handling wide-ranging projects in a general counsel role. Jesse also regularly represents individuals, angel groups and venture funds in their investment activities.


Jesse is a South Jersey native and graduated with a degree in exercise science from Eastern University in the Mainline area just outside Philadelphia. Although he has lived in North Carolina for years and graduated from Wake Forest Law School, he will never give up on his Philadelphia sports teams.


He loves living in Raleigh with his awesome wife and four kids, all of whom keep him laughing every day.



Contact info:

(919) 307-5356 Ext. 5



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Jesse Jones - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Business Law - North Carolina

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