The average client has numerous questions and is/are trying to determine whether you should sue a car dealership. This is not always an easy decision. There is both a monetary investment and a time investment. Lawyers do this for a living. Lawyers are in court every day taking depositions and doing other things relating to litigation. The average consumer cannot do this nor is the average consumer able to do this type of litigation. Jonathan Rudnick understands this as he has represented thousands of consumers over the years in consumer litigation cases. These cases range from suing car dealerships (prior damage claims) home contractors and banks. However, the underlying concept is very basic. The average consumer, client has only a limited amount of money and a limited amount of time invested litigation. Mr. Rudnick understands this as he has extensive experience in representing these individuals.


The Consumer Fraud Act in New Jersey can be complicated and fraught with difficulties if not handled properly. There are many laws and regulations that apply to car dealerships and other businesses. Mr. Rudnick has significant experience in addressing the interplay of the regulations, Common Law and the practical implications of the automotive industry and their business practices. He has significant experience in advertising violations. He has significant experience in deceptive business practices including selling damaged cars, selling salvage cars, selling cars with no issues.


He was co-class counsel on the case of Dellapietro v. Sansone Auto Mall, alleging the overcharge of title and registration fees. Primary class counsel in that case was Mike Coren of Levy Angstreich, one of the leading class action firms in the nation.


Settlements in all the consumer fraud class action litigation would be into the millions. He receives referrals from other attorneys throughout the State of New Jersey and nationwide


He also has been online faculty at, for which viewers receive ICLE credit for viewing the online lectures. The classes are "How to Sue a Car Dealership and "Discovery in a Case Against a Car Dealership." In this lecture previously published by the Mr. Rudnick provided extensive advice on suing car dealerships for both per se against and seasoned attorneys. With a significant amount of experience in the automotive industry lectures like this can be very helpful. Automotive industry litigation is filed with pitfalls and dangers especially when the dealerships have experienced attorneys knowledgeable in this area of law.


Jonathan Rudnick can address the most difficult questions from clients and courts to explain what a very complicated area of law can be. Sometimes it is difficult understand the level of complexity in these consumer fraud and employment cases against the any dealership. Sometimes expert witnesses are needed to litigate these cases against car dealerships whether an employment wage claim or whether it is a consumer fraud claim. Jonathan Rudnick has extensive resources upon which you can use litigating this case is against car dealerships. Sometimes it calls for an expert witness. Sometimes it calls for a fact witness. Sometimes it calls for a unique argument to be made against the dealership and a wage claim or a consumer fraud claim. However, it is his experience in the automotive industry which permits him to delve into the dealership's intent and the common dealership practices when implementing any strategies pertaining to salesman for consumers who might be buying a car.


There are various parts of a lawsuit including sending interrogatories, taking depositions, and trying cases. All these various areas of the lawsuit, for a consumer litigator, consumer attorney requires extensive experience to understand the weaknesses of the defendant's position. To exploit the weaknesses of a car dealership and understand how they think it is imperative that some basic discovery be undertaken to determine dealership's intent on either a transaction or regarding their employment agreement. In the automotive industry there are some things that an experienced litigator looks for when representing either an employee or consumer. The starting point in litigation on consumer case is the deal jacket for the transactional file. The starting point for an employee case about disputing wages is the pay plan and the backstreet or the deal recaptures. These are both areas which the dealership evidence is their intent under transaction or an employee or employee relationship.


Litigating consumer fraud and breach of warranty cases can be difficult. It is not uncommon for clients to have difficulty operating the vehicle which might not be working properly. It is a difficult situation where clients have monetary issues with dealerships have improperly taken money, sold, and were misrepresented the goods which were purchased, and the customer did not get what they thought they purchased or what was promised.

In the New Jersey consumer can rely upon representations from the seller. The seller is required to know what they were selling. Under many circumstances the law does not required any intent for a consumer to maintain a claim.


Mr. Rudnick has experienced litigating various types of claims over many years against hundreds and hundreds of dealerships. Mr. Rudnick has litigated cases in New Jersey, Maryland, Arkansas, Washington State, and Illinois. He was temporarily admitted in these jurisdictions to represent individuals who were suing car dealerships. These cases involve employees suing car dealerships for lost wages. It is currently admitted in Illinois and Maryland on class actions against large dealerships for improperly paying their employees. These are known as pay plan litigation. Many circumstances I have considered litigating with other attorneys and other states for consumer cases against car dealerships. However due to time restrictions and the complexity of dealing with other states in that class actions are generally consumer cases are only brought in New Jersey including for out-of-state consumers.




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