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Joe Anderson is an attorney with over 25 years of experience in an eclectic practice array.  Joe grew up in Shelby, Montana, the great-grandson of one of the first settlers in the Sweetgrass Hills area of Toole County, and his family still owns the ranch to which they hold the patent deed.  He was a standout student at Shelby High, where he was Student Body President, Valedictorian, a multi-threat musical talent, and held numerous state and national honors, positions, and recognition, including, most significantly, serving as the International President of Key Club International, the now 250,000 member Kiwanis-sponsored high school service organization.


His Montana secondary school academic success led to admission to Stanford University, where he studied Strategic Weapons Management under, among others, future Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, graduating with departmental honors in Political Science, while continuing his musical exploits and spending his junior year abroad at Oxford University.  Next up came Georgetown University Law Center, where he specialized in International Law, was the most highly decorated Moot Court participant in his class, served on the International Law Journal, and graduated cum laude while holding prestigious clerkships with a District of Columbia Superior Court Judge, and law firms Holland & Hart and Pettit & Martin.


After passing the California Bar, Joe was hired as a litigation associate at Pettit & Martin, then one of San Francisco’s most respected firms (and the 10th largest in California).  After a few years of big firm training, he chose to open his own practice, combining his legal background and music interest into an entertainment law practice (including serving as the Professor of Entertainment Law at U.C. Hastings College of the Law) that soon expanded into the nascent field of Internet law, where Joe rode out the dot-com boom/bomb start-up roller coaster as both an attorney and businessperson (a practice area he continues to expand to this day).


In brief, Joe spent the 90s in the music and Internet business, the 00s in the movie and digital media business, and the first half of the teens in the educational technology industry, always continuing his entertainment, digital media, and corporate start-up practice in the service of helping clients and partners alike fulfill their dreams.  Throughout his career, Joe has participated in a host of formal and informal mediations in a variety of roles, and he now brings his experience and reputation as an empathetic dealmaker to a new mediation practice in his home state.




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Joseph B Anderson - America's Top 50 Lawyer -Sports & Entertainment - Montana

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