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Julie C. Dixon is a shareholder at Ciyou & Dixon P.C., where she practices in the areas of family law, probate administration and estates. Ms. Dixon has co-written, taught and researched several articles on family law and domestic relations matters. She earned her B.S. degree from the Indiana University, Bloomington, and her J.D. degree from the Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis. Ms. Dixon is a member of the Indianapolis and Indiana bar associations.


Most good lawyering occurs outside the confines of the courthouse or its corridors or courtrooms. In fact, a client’s legal objectives are most often best met and served by resolution before trial. This is self-apparent, but nonetheless exceedingly difficult to accomplish. This requires an empathetic attorney to sort through the emotional dynamics and overall financial and legal components of the case. At this, Ms. Dixon excels for three reasons. First, she has a strong sense of civic duty and generously donates her time, energy and resources to charitable endeavors; this keeps her in tune with realities of the hardships of the times and with community values. She knows and works with many real families and businesses as they reach milestones and address setbacks.

Second, her legal acumen is augmented by Ms. Dixon’s Indiana University, Kelly School of Business, Bloomington, undergraduate education. With her bachelor’s of science degree, Ms. Dixon minored in the arts, psychology. She received her J.D. from Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis.


Ms. Dixon is attuned to, and sympathetic of, the psycho-social dynamics underpinning any legal issue at hand. Cast in this shadow, she is nonetheless able to rapidly identify the controlling legal matter and synthesize a balanced approach – one cognizant of the complexity of the emotional needs of life and its intersection with financial well-being in the context of legal matters.


Third, Ms. Dixon has a unique insight into legal practice through her experiences obtained in a highly coveted judicial clerkship that she received after graduating from law school. In no uncertain terms, there is no legal substitute for the experience gained from being intimately involved in the inner workings of an Indiana trial court, which handles a wide array of cases and sees these cases to and through trial.


Collectively, these uniquely equip her with razor-sharp instincts necessary to (on-demand) critically and properly strike the balance between the propriety of settlement (i.e., when to settle and under what terms) versus likely judicial outcomes by a trial. In private practice, her background drives her legal interests. These range among all forms of settlement negotiations (Administrative Dispute Resolution).


Additionally, Ms. Dixon has a legal interest and practice focus on probate matters, along with complex financial components of domestic relations and business matters. Ms. Dixon also writes and teaches to other lawyers, and she serves on number of legal and civil boards and committees.



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(317) 972 - 8000  ext.103



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Julie C. Dixon - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Family Law - Indiana

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