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Attorney Kurt Thompson, Founder and President of Kurt Thompson Law Group is one of the countries outstanding legal luminaries. His legal skill and keen business acumen have made his legal practice one of the most reputable law firms representing a racially, economically, and ethnically diverse demographic. Attorney Thompson has successfully defended tough cases and recovered millions for his clients.


Mr. Thompson has become a distinguished personal injury lawyer within the last decade. He provides quality service to his clientele by operating a law firm known for excellent customer satisfaction, professionalism, and legal competence. His law centers are located in Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Washington’s top cities. Kurt Thompson Law Group represents people injured in car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and many other personal injury accidents. Mr. Thompson and the Kurt Thompson Law Group are dedicated to helping clients win their cases and understand their legal rights, including knowledge of the law and the legal system.



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Kurt Thompson - America's Top 50 Lawyers - Personal Injury - Florida

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