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Attorney Lauren Stuckert has a record of successfully challenging blood-alcohol and drug lab test results in Wisconsin OWI cases.


She is widely recognized by peers and defense organizations as a top DUI defense attorney in the country.


Her knowledge of forensic science has helped people throughout Wisconsin charged with drunk or intoxicated driving.


Lauren concentrates her practice on complex alcohol and drug operating while intoxicated (OWI) litigation. In 2016, she became a board-certified DUI Specialist, joining her law partner Attorney Andrew Mishlove in attaining the highest credential a DUI/OWI lawyer can have.


The National College for DUI Defense is the only organization accredited by the American Bar Association and recognized under Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules to confer the DUI Law Specialist designation to attorneys.



Contact info:


(414) 250-0945



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Lauren Stuckert - America's Top 50 Lawyer - DUI - Wisconsin

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