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Lawrence P. Schaefer has earned the respect of judges and other lawyers for his thorough and aggressive client advocacy in negotiation and litigation. He focuses exclusively on representing people who have been subject to employment discrimination at work. Larry serves as the firm’s President and head of litigation.


Over the course of his long and often ground-breaking career, Larry has taken on some of the largest and most powerful companies in the country, helping tens of thousands of people recover damages suffered as a result of illegal corporate conduct.  Larry has a strong focus delivering services to physicians and mental health professionals, and has represented hundreds of  medical professionals. He chose this field of practice to give a voice to victims of workplace misconduct and tirelessly pursues claims for his clients to recover full damages as a result of illegal conduct.


Larry has earned a reputation as a lawyer who assists clients in every way possible to best recover from the effects of illegal workplace conduct.  He has represented numerous executives in severance negotiations and litigation.  He was lead counsel in a case establishing the “just cause” standard for termination in Minnesota on behalf of a former Cargill Vice President, securing a judgment of more than $500,000 and establishing the legal principal that just cause is not present unless there is some form of misconduct.

In his free time, Larry enjoys golfing, bicycling, attending sporting events and traveling with his wife, Toni.



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Lawrence P. Schaefer - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Discrimination - Minnesota

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