Noted attorney Libby Banks focuses exclusively on the areas of Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration.  Her work is therefore concentrated in just a few key areas.  Libby’s clients range in age from 18 to 98.  Some have large families.  Some have small or no families but consider their pets their children.  Client assets range from a house, a car and a small bank account to large businesses and multiple rentals and properties around the United States.


We have been advising and protecting a wide range of clients over 30 years.  Our goal is always the same: to make the process of estate planning as smooth and painless as possible.  In fact, our plans are designed to preclude the court from meddling in your estate.


Libby Banks’ passion for estate planning began during her early years as a litigation attorney.  Libby found herself sorting out the inevitable family fallout caused by poor estate planning and improperly written wills and trusts.


Some clients hired Libby to resolve the disagreements caused by this lack of planning, and some hired her to fight for a share of the estate when they believed another relative had cheated them.


Too often, Libby saw families come apart, with siblings vowing never to talk to their brothers and sisters again.


As Libby often says, “I value family above almost everything, and these cases broke my heart.  I decided to go into estate planning to help people avoid these painful, unnecessary family fights.”


Today Libby Banks focuses exclusively on preventing the problems caused by an unplanned, or poorly planned, estate.  Libby skillfully represents clients in the areas of Estate Planning, preparing Wills and Trusts, Asset Protection planning, and Probate and Trust Administration.


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