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Marc J. Siegel is the Founder and Managing Partner of Siegel & Dolan, and has practiced labor and employment law in Chicago for his entire career. He has a unique labor and employment background, representing both individuals and businesses in a variety of matters. Mr. Siegel spent approximately seven years practicing at a mid-size Chicago management-side boutique labor and employment firm. Since 2002, he has focused on employee-side representation for professionals and litigation on behalf of low-income workers. He has drafted employment agreements and reviewed restrictive covenant agreements on behalf of chief executive officers, physicians, university faculty, and other professionals. Mr. Siegel understands all aspects of the employment relationship, as he is not only an advocate, but also a certified mediator, and an appointed American Arbitration Association (AAA) arbitrator in labor and employment matters.


Mr. Siegel is fortunate to love the work he does: helping people after they have lost their jobs or are facing other challenges in the workplace. Mr. Siegel stays in touch with many of his clients after the representation has ended, and is gratified to see them typically in a far better place than they were when he originally met them. He takes great pride in helping his clients through the difficult process of job transition. Mr. Siegel has represented people in public and private sectors, in all industries, from minimum wage workers to executives.



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Marc J. Siegel - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Employment - Illinois

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