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Why is Indiana criminal defense and personal injury attorney Mark Nicholson called the Battery Man? Because his first criminal jury trial was a battery case.


The case was called the Big Buford Battery case. They charged his client with throwing a big Buford sandwich at the manager through the drive-thru window. Then going through the drive-thru window and battering the manager. It was all captured on video.


 The verdict: Not Guilty!


His first personal injury case was a car accident. He views car accidents as a form of battery. One car hitting (battering) another, although generally unintentional.


 Since he was a little kid, comic books fascinated him, especially Batman. They often refer him to as the Batt-Man Attorney. Why does he spell Batt-Man with two Ts? The 2 Ts in Batt are “To Take” down the charges, the case or whatever stands in the way of getting justice for his clients.


Mark Nicholson is a People Helper Lawyer. It is his prior prison experience that gave him such passion for helping people like you. His perspective is unique and rare for an Indiana attorney and often frustrates the opposing party, especially prosecutors.


Attorney Nicholson has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, has 5-star ratings, and is an award-winning attorney. He is a dynamic, aggressive, and trustworthy attorney. He focuses on criminal law (battery cases are his favorite), personal injury and civil rights.



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Mark Nicholson - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Civil Rights - Indiana

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