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Mark Riera is a partner in his Firm's Litigation Group.


He has significant experience handling securities fraud, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), False Claims Act (FCA), criminal defense, condemnation and eminent domain, and wage and hour class action matters.


Mark's practice crosses an array of sectors, including oil and gas, banking, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospitality, transportation, and motor vehicles. He has handled multidistrict litigation and opt out cases in 23 states, and has represented clients in Canada, Japan, Brazil, Europe, and Australia. Mark served as vice chair of the California State Bar Antitrust and Unfair Competition Section and editor of the Section's official publication Competition.


He is a member of the American Bar Association's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and was a member of the Private Antitrust Litigation Committee.




Pharmaceutical: Represented a prominent Japanese pharmaceutical corporation and its U.S. subsidiary in defending multidistrict litigation and state law class individual actions across the country, and in the United States Supreme Court against allegations of price fixing.


Securities: Represented the Securities Investor Protection Corporation in a landmark securities fraud and RICO action in the District Court, Ninth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.


False Claims Act (FCA): Represented a global cargo carrier in the defense against an alleged FCA qui tam action claiming false certification of compliance with bid specification for millions of deliveries.


Condemnation and Eminent Domain: Represented a major oil company in the defense against the threatened taking of its deep water port terminal essential for unloading supertankers.


International Freight and Logistics: Represented a multinational courier defending class actions alleging wage misclassifications, denial of meal and rest breaks, and seeking overtime pay, benefits, penalties, and attorneys' fees.

Employment / Wage and Hour: Represented a technical staffing company.



Contact info:

Assistant: Shaniece Leigh
310.203.8080 Ext: 3541



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Mark Riera - America's Top 50 Anti Trust Lawyer - California

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