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Diligent, insightful and thorough, Mark is highly sought after for advice on any and all things related to insurance and real property disputes in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. He has served as local counsel to lenders, banks and title insurance carriers by managing and resolving their property issues for more than 15 years. Mark is a licensed title insurance agent and he has participated in or supervised more than 1,200 real property disputes, dealing with everything from unrecorded Deeds of Trust to missed liens and property interests.


Mark is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Maryland Land Title Association, and an active member of its Education Committee. He is also a frequent speaker at MLTA Events. 

As one of the most energetic and animated employees of the firm, Mark is an avid runner and natural athlete. He can often be found running in Annapolis with his daughters. 



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Mark W. Schweitzer - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Insurance Law - Maryland

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