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Merlaine was born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida, where she received her BA in Political Science from the University of Florida.  Subsequently, she attended Drake University Law School. She had plans to return to Florida after she graduated from law school but decided to stay in Iowa after she married her husband, whom she met while in law school. Merlaine pursued a couple legal endeavors but then life threw her a curve ball. She lost her first child. This loss was severely impactful to her. After taking some time off to recoup she went back to work with a greater determination to pursue her lifelong dream of working as an attorney helping others. She worked for a few more years in litigation before taking time off again to focus on her new family. During those years she realized her passion is helping families achieve their goals.


Today Merlaine Mosley’s law practice solely focuses on helping families who are truly passionate about the people that they love. She enjoys helping families live more meaningful and purposeful lives by connecting with one another. She thrives on spending time with her clients, building relationships, and advising them to be proactive in their planning and not reactive.  It is when you are reactive that leads to costly litigation that could be avoided with proper planning and foresight. When life throws you that curve ball, because it will eventually come whether you like it or not, you can have a plan.



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