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Attorney Michael Gowdey established the Law Offices of Michael I Gowdey, Ltd. in 1993. He is a 1989 graduate of San Diego State University and graduated with honors from California Western School of Law in 1992. Mr. Gowdey is licensed to practice law in Nevada and California, as well federal courts all over the United States. His criminal defense practice has taken him to courts all across the country. He has argued cases in front of the Supreme Courts of Nevada and California, as well as the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. Mr. Gowdey is a very skilled and very experienced trial lawyer, having successfully represented clients in well over a thousand criminal cases. He has secured acquittals in numerous felony jury trials and is considered one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the State of Nevada. Mr. Gowdey has also tried and won many many misdemeanor trials for DUI, Domestic Violence, Petty Theft, misdemeanor drug charges, battery, soliciting prostitution and other offenses.


29 Years Of Proven Success: Mr. Gowdey has defended clients in many high-profile criminal cases, including State of California v. Nesmith, San Diego case in which a Navy Seal candidate was accused of killing his then fiancee’s three-year-old child. Mr. Gowdey and his defense team secured a day of trial dismissal of all felony charges after expert medical evidence presented to prosecutors proved conclusively that Mr. Gowdey’s client could not have been the person to have killed the victim. Charges against Mr. Gowdey’s client were dismissed and he walked out of custody a free man.


Mr. Gowdey has also represented clients in a large number of sex crime cases, including the State of Nevada v. Green, also known as the “Flamingo Rapist” case. IN that case, Mr. Green was accused of being the most prolific rapist in Nevada history. In State v. Bergman, Mr. Gowdey’s client was accused of the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl who was a resident of a facility for troubled youths where he was a counselor. A Google search of Mr. Gowdey’s name will turn up dozens of other high-profile cases he has been involved in.

Mr. Gowdey has handled many murder cases with great success, including the aforementioned Nesmith case, and State of Nevada v. Estrada, another high profile case where Mr. Gowdey won a day of trial dismissal of all charges in a case where his client admitted to stabbing a man in the neck with a pair of scissors while at a party. Mr. Gowdey was able to find the essential witness to prove self-defense, and the State dismissed the case on the day of trial. Mr. Gowdey has represented clients in other very serious cases, including State v. Munoz, a case where his client was accused of Felony DUI Resulting in Death or Substantial Bodily Injury. In that case, his client was accused of causing a serious crash where the victim lost a leg. Mr. Gowdey was able to locate the evidence and witnesses necessary to prove his client was not the driver of the vehicle, and his client was exonerated of all charges.


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Michael Gowdey - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Criminal Defense - Nevada

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