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For more than 20 years, Monika has represented businesses and individuals in intellectual property matters before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and U.S. Copyright Office. While she is experienced in trademark and copyright law, she particularly enjoys helping innovators strategically value and globally protect their proprietary developments.

In her prosecution practice, she has obtained significant patents for clients, including patents relating to algal biotechnology, water purification, mining and natural gas equipment, military applications, agricultural equipment and technology, energy efficient structures, and the polyethylene pipe welding industry. She has also represented clients in obtaining hundreds of federal and foreign trademark registrations, including critical registrations for MedExpress Urgent Care, Alpha Natural Resources, Aplicare (now owned by Clorox), Renewable Algal Energy, and Fast Fusion. On the creative side, she has assisted photographers, authors, software developers, and other individuals and businesses in obtaining copyright protection and registrations for their original works.

Monika couples her technical knowledge with significant experience strategizing with clients on effective business organization and transaction structure, including licensing arrangements, acquisitions, and other business transactions. Recently she has worked closely with a start-up which cultivates lavender on former coal mine property and produces retail products therefrom, and another start-up which has developed green energy solutions for industrial greenhouses.  She has closed profitable business acquisitions, including several cookie companies, coal operations, and Internet start-ups, and other transactions, including licensing of technology, venture capital investments, and government contracts. Her varied experience makes her best suited for business transactions with significant intellectual property value.

Throughout her career, Monika has represented clients in the coal and natural gas industries, defense contractors, medical equipment industry and bioenergy. She has also presented on an array of intellectual property topics throughout the state of West Virginia and the country, including presentations on intellectual property to the Energy & Mineral Law Foundation, the TransTech Energy Conference, and SBIR/STTR conferences and webinars.

In recent years, Monika has concentrated her practice on helping clients not only protect all of their intellectual property but also effectively combat or work around the intellectual property of her clients’ competitors, who may otherwise aggressively assert infringement or misappropriation claims. In doing so, she draws on the lessons learned through her experience with past business conflicts, including roles the government and courts may have in such conflicts. While she prefers disputes be resolved quickly and to the benefit of her clients so business may productively continue, she encourages and supports aggressive litigation when necessary.

As a side practice, Monika also works with clients on child adoption and surrogacy arrangements. Having more than 20 years of experience with adoptions under West Virginia law and with the formation of many surrogacy agreements, she brings knowledgeable and compassionate representation to all facets of the adoption and surrogacy process.



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Monika L. Jaensson - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Patent Law - West Virginia

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