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Neal Howard Rosenberg has been representing parents of students with disabilities for more than forty years. Mr. Rosenberg completed his Bachelor of Arts from City College of New York and was awarded an honors degree. Mr. Rosenberg then continued his education at Rutgers Law School.

After law school, Mr. Rosenberg received his Master of Science degree and a professional diploma in educational administration and supervision from Pace University. He achieved an honors degree while at Pace University.


Mr. Rosenberg's professional experience includes being a teacher and intern in administration in the New York City public schools. Mr. Rosenberg is also a certified school principal. Prior to opening the Law Offices of Neal Howard Rosenberg, Mr. Rosenberg worked as a Board of Education Attorney for the City of New York in the Office of Counsel to the Chancellor.


After leaving the Board of Education, Mr. Rosenberg worked for the State Education Department of the State of New York. While at the State Education Department, Mr. Rosenberg was involved in the codification of the laws and regulations for students with disabilities, in addition to developing program standards for students with disabilities. Upon completion of the codification of the laws and regulations project, Mr. Rosenberg opened his own private law practice and has been advocating on behalf of students with disabilities for more than fourty-five years. He is admitted to the New York State Bar and the Southern and Eastern District Federal Courts of New York.



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