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Construction disputes are more than just the written terms of a contract. They involve amended CPM schedules, revised drawings, agreements in the field, implied obligations, and appreciating the importance of what occurred over the course of the project. Nick Schwandner provides legal services tailored to your construction project and your company.


He has litigated bond claims, mechanic’s liens, and contract disputes arising from change orders, delay, acceleration, loss of productivity, differing site conditions, interpretation of specifications, default/convenience terminations and defective work. These claims have ranged from $25,000 to $100 million.


He has resolved contractors’ disputes with other contractors, owners, as well as sureties.


Nick is a member of the Allied Construction Industries and Spirit of Construction Foundation.



Contact info:

(513) 429-4099



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Nick Schwandner - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Construction Law - Ohio

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