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Founding attorney Patrick Burns has practiced in Minnesota since 2001, concentrating in real estate law, family law and civil litigation as well as business formation, homeowner's association law and estate planning. In 2003 he founded his own law firm, adding a partner in 2014. He has adopted a very practical and no nonsense method of practicing law. He is known for being very candid with clients, pragmatic, and a strong advocate in the courtroom. And in building his firm, he sought to create a full-service law firm delivering quality solutions in diverse areas of law.


Mr. Burns has extensive experience in the courtroom, and is known for his focused and intense advocacy for his clients. He is one of the few attorneys to successfully appeal an intent to revoke a housing license in Hennepin County and regularly represents landlords in all types of leasing, licensing, and litigation matters. He has successfully foreclosed on hundreds of liens and regularly advises homeowners' associations on declarations, amendments, and remedies in collecting dues.


He is also an experienced family law litigator with experience in every county in the metropolitan area, and is familiar with all aspects of the legal system in obtaining the best results for his client. In 2006, Mr. Burns set what may be a record for quickest relief before the Minnesota Court of Appeals, obtaining a writ of prohibition three hours after a court hearing in order to stop a child at issue of a custody dispute from leaving the country. He also has wide experience in business organization, election law, and estate planning.


Mr. Burns was elected to the Board of the Epilepsy Association of Minnesota in July 2014, and now serves as its President.


Mr. Burns is married, and has three children and is an avid outdoor photographer and professional alpine ski instructor in his spare time.



Contact info:

(952) 232-5991


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Patrick Burns - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Real Estate - Minnesota

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