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Attorney Rachel L. Bussett is the founder of Bussett Legal Group. Rachel has been a practicing attorney in Oklahoma since 2003, during which she has worked tirelessly to protect the rights of everyday Oklahomans at home, at work, and abroad. Rachel is an experienced and respected trial lawyer and is a 2014 graduate of the prestigious Trial Lawyer’s College in Dubois, Wyoming. She also graduated cum laude from Oklahoma City University School of Law and is a proud graduate of Oklahoma State University.

Throughout her career, Rachel has worked with and advised all levels of employers and businesses, from start-up companies in cutting edge industries, to local business owners in Oklahoma, to Fortune500 Companies.  Prior to going to law school, she was a management consultant working with some of the US’ largest retail chains, advising on supply chain and management operations.

Rachel has garnered a reputation for being a tireless advocate for her clients.  She has been featured in both local and national media for her work to protect Oklahomans.  Rachel is well known for taking on big challenges and achieving outstanding results against large corporations and state agencies who have injured and taken advantage of her clients. 


Over the last 6 years, Rachel has worked to build Bussett Legal Group into a respected and skilled law firm able to assist its clients with all manners of legal needs in employment law, business law, personal injury, civil rights, family and juvenile law, adoption, probate and estate law, bankruptcy and criminal defense. 



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(405) 605-8073




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Rachel L. Bussett - America's Top 50 Lawyer - Employment Law - Oklahoma

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