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Robert Reeves founded The Reeves Law Group over thirty years ago, with himself as the only lawyer. In the intervening years the firm grew significantly. It is now one of the exceptional personal injury practices in California. The Reeves Law Group is widely recognized in the community of lawyers, judges, and insurance carriers for superior results and professionalism.


Robert has litigated or supervised the prosecution of thousands of cases in a wide variety of personal injury matters throughout the state of California. He leads a team of successful and seasoned lawyers that have won over $200,000,000 in results for the firm’s clients.


Robert has published over hundreds of articles on topics relating to victims’ rights and our civil justice system. His firm’s daily blogs address issues and provide commentary on numerous personal injury areas, including defective products, premises liability, consumer fraud, government liability, and accidents of all types. These articles focus awareness on the causes, consequences, and prevention of negligent and intentional acts by corporate interests, government entities, and individuals.


Robert is an ardent supporter of the rights of consumers and victims of wrongdoing. He supports organizations whose central mission is to advance the rights of consumers and victims, such as the Civil Justice Research and Education Project, and the Center for Justice and Democracy. Robert is also affiliated with a variety of professional associations, such as the American Association for Justice, the Consumer Attorneys Association of California, and the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.



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Robert Reeves - America's Top 50 Personal Injury Lawyer - California

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